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Here at Sustainable Agricultural Technologies, Inc. we manufacture and sell Compost Tea Brewers and Flow-through Vermicompost machines as well as a carefully chosen line of soil amendments for soil enhancement and remediation. We design and carry all of our products with you in mind. We know that great results, affordability, and operator friendly equipment are what count at the end of the day. We take pride in our products and service and are here to support you every step of the way. Get ready to grow!

Products, Services and Support for Sustainable Agriculture


  • Suppression of disease causing and pest organisms
  • Improves nutritional quality of plants
  • Improves soil structure, water infiltration, oxygen diffusion and water retention
  • Retains nitrogen and trace minerals through chelation preventing nutrient leeching
  • Makes nutrients bio-available to plants at the times and rates the plants require
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